Walking Tours

Walking Tours

Hanoi’s busy streets, noisy markets, delicious street food stalls and exotic spice streets can be a sensory overload. Our fluent English-speaking guides will lead you through the streets of Hanoi on a journey of discovery. Learn about the history and culture of Hanoi as well as the daily life of its people.


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Topics: Traditional architecture, Vietnamese social structure and life in the Old Quarter

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Walking Tours in Hanoi old quater

We begin this experience in a very local coffee shop located at the bottom of the Old Quarter over looking Hoan Kiem Lake (the Lake of the Returned Sword) that shows the traditional style of architecture in the Old Quarter.

The guests will learn why the houses in the old quarter are very narrow? Why most the street names are started with Hang? Then walking in to the 36 streets and guilds with the guidance of a very knowledgeable guide.

The tour is beautifully finished by 30 minutes relaxing on cycles watching around the streets full of only one type of product.

Duration: 2 hours

Price: $25/person (min. 2 persons)

Start at 9am ( Could be earlier due to the weather or later due to client’s requirement 

Meeting Place – 13 Ding Tien Hoang St, Hoan Kiem. (Please waiting in front of the house number 13 not going in before meeting our guides)
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Topics: The diversity of Hanoi’s Twentieth-century architecture, French colonialism, Vietnamese Buddhism.

walking tour in french quarter, walking tour in hanoi

Walking tour in FRENCH QUARTER Hanoi


Hidden Hanoi is all about unlocking the city’s secrets, and this tour is no exception.

Hanoi’s French quarter, the grid of streets south of Hoan Kiem Lake, is unique amongst Asian capital cities. It is packed with buildings from different eras in the city’s history. It features ancient pagodas; classical European architecture; international modernist architecture (avant-garde Art Deco residences) as well as a fusion between Asian and French style architecture. Each of these styles is a tangible sign of the ideological shifts, which have influenced Vietnamese culture over the centuries. Much more than just bricks and mortar, they are monuments to the vision of French, Vietnamese and Soviet thinkers and architects.

Duration: 2 1/2 hours

Price: $25/person (min. 2 persons)

Start at 8.30am ( Could be earlier due to the weather or later due to client’s requirement)


Meeting Place: 82 Tran Hung Dao street (picture), opposite the Friendship palace.
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Are your taste buds ready for an adventure? Our guides will take you to the places they eat and through the markets where they buy their groceries.

Topics: Hanoian cuisine, social importance of food and how to spot the freshest and tastiest local dishes.

street food tour, hanoi walking tour, hanoi street food tour

Street food tour in Hanoi


Option 1: Breakfast
Phở, Bánh cuốn – steamed rice pancakes, local coffee with home made yogurt and the market visit.Do like Hanoians do and skip one breakfast at your hotel and join our food expert for breakfast on the street. This tour shows you the best place for Pho, Banh cuon and coffee, and also it is a great way to see the local life in Hanoi.Meeting place at Hidden Hanoi, # 147 Nghi Tam road, Tay Ho district, Hanoi.Option 2: Lunch
Bún Chả – barbecued pork with fresh noodle serve with fried spring rolls and fresh herbs, green papaya salad, fresh spring rolls and che desert.Start with Bun Cha, the popular Hanoian specialty at one of the best Bun Cha places in town. Then take a short walk to Cho Hom market off Pho Hue street, passing some more tempting food stands on the way. Explore Cho Hom market, one of the biggest markets in Hanoi with its colourful arrays of fruit and vegetables, sweets, meats and elaborate temple offerings.Stop to try some fresh spring rolls and papaya salad before finishing off with a refreshing glass of che, a sweet snack prepared to your own taste.Meeting place at 47C Mai Hac De street, Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi.Option 3: Dinner
Beef spring rolls – Phở cuốn or Hotpot – Lẩu.Yen Phu street, is a popular street for dinner and late night eating out. You will chance to see many other kinds of street foods that are only served after dark. Continuing our walk along one side of West lake seeing more and more people sitting on the grass mats by the lake eating Lau (Hot pot soup). If you like we can stop to join them or we can continuing heading to a village that popular with Pho Cuon that used Banh Pho, fresh rice pancake, to roll beef and herbs in serve with delightful Hanoi style fish sauce and some pickled vegetables.Meeting place at Hidden Hanoi, # 147 Nghi Tam road, Tay Ho district, Hanoi.

Duration: 2 hours

Price: $25/person (min. 2 persons)

Start at

8am for Breakfast option. Meeting point is Lane 147 Nghi Tam street, Tay Ho district.

11:30am for Lunch option. Meeting point is in front of house number 47c Mai Hac De street. Boan kiem District.

6pm for Dinner option. Meeting point is in front of Dong Xuan market, Hoan Kiem District.


The above price includes food and drink.
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Meeting Place: Hidden Hanoi Centre 147 Nghi Tam Rd, Tay Ho, Hanoi.
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